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BYD-COLOR MATCH // Matching the right color is important for us. Everyone who has ever bought a graphic kit knows that it looks better when the Kawasaki green fits, for example, the Kawasaki plastic parts.

If you don’t think about it too much you would think that all aftermarket plastic manufacturers will produce the same color for each bike. However, this is not so. In the case of Kawasaki, the original Kawasaki plastic parts have a completely different green tone than, for example, Acerbis or UFO plastic parts. For this reason, we have integrated the selection point “plastic parts” in our BYD-ID tool directly at the beginning in order to be able to react even better to the possible color deviations.

Our printers are calibrated monthly with the latest plastic parts from various manufacturers such as Cycra, Acerbis, UFO, Racetech and Polisport.

If you find a color deviation in your ordered order despite the selection of the correct plastic parts, please feel free to contact us. Especially in the case of neon plastic parts, the manufacturers often have color deviations in the plastic parts, which make it very difficult for us to make the colors for 100%.