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Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350

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Showing 4 Designs
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Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350
Modified Basic

Fits your: Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350 2016--en
Fully customizable
Ships 8-10 days after your approval
from $299.95
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Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350
Modified Neon

Fits your: Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350 2016--en
Fully customizable
Ships 8-10 days after your approval
from $399.95
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Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350
Modified Flow

Fits your: Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350 2016--en
Fully customizable
Ships 8-10 days after your approval
from $299.95
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Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350
Modified Pro

Fits your: Enduro Graphic Kit Husqvarna FE 350 2016--en
Fully customizable
Ships 8-10 days after your approval
from $299.95
Detailed product description

Husqvarna FX 350 Graphics – Customize your Bike today

The Husqvarna FX 350 perfectly balances 250cc agility and 450cc power-to-weight. This combination makes the bike a top selection among professionals and novice riders alike. Already a race-winning champion on the track, without Husqvarna FX 350 graphics to match its performance, your bike is incomplete.

With one of our many eye-catching dirt bike graphics, you are bound to draw the right kind of attention. Each Husqvarna FX 350 graphics kit can be tailored to reflect your unique personality and motivation. Backyard Design offers the best in terms of quality, utility, and prices. If you’re in the market to uplift your bike, we have what you’re searching for. 

Become Your Own Husqvarna FX 350 Graphics Designer

There are many Husqvarna factory-inspired and original template designs to choose from in the Backyard Design library. Each graphic kit is made specifically for your Husqvarna FX 350 specifications by our team of skilled MX crafters to ensure a flawless fit. Every decal set includes high quality stickers to cover the shroud, fenders, swingarm, and fork guards of your dirt bikes

We’ve curated a selection of over 2000 official logos, color combinations, and typefaces to ease the design process. You can access these elements through the Backyard Design studio with all the tools required to set a bespoke aesthetic for your Husqvarna FX 350. Adding elaborate details through our graphics effectively expresses your style and remains unrivaled by the competition.

Our online store has ribbed seat covers that can be matched to your Husqvarna FX 350 graphics for uniformity. These predesigned covers are available in various colors and patterns for those who want to go all out. Additionally, you can find stickers for UFO and Acerbis accessories. You can move and rearrange each element using real-time view until you achieve your desired look. 

Then, the Backyard Team will inspect your design thoroughly to ensure all details match your bike’s requirements. We always send instant proof before printing, so you may fine-tune your design if required. Owed to our advanced printing technology, it takes us record time to prepare and dispatch your order!

A Protective Barrier for Your Bike

Backyard Design Husqvarna FX 350 graphics are built to last, even if their primary advantage is a boost in visual appeal. We rely on industry-leading vinyl to create our stickers which means they’ll look great for years to come. Even if you’re bored or want to switch things up, our graphics will keep you looking fresh. 

Every Backyard Design enduro graphic is UV-resistant. In addition, the ultra-thick laminate protects your bike plastics against scratches and daily roughage, which all riders experience. As a result, your Husqvarna FX 350 will remain protected from harsh terrain and weather so that you can push it to its max. 

What’s even better is that you won’t have to hire a professional to install your graphics. Instead, anyone can do it even if this is their first time modifying a bike because of our bubble-release vinyl. Moreover, the easy-to-peel decals can be removed cleanly without any stains or residue when you’re ready for something different.  

An inexpensive Husqvarna FX 350 graphics kit from our collection is the most efficient and time-saving means to give your bike an all-new look. As far as style goes, we have you covered with our extensive design options and tools that give riders the freedom to bring their imagination to life. 

Ahead of the Pack with a Husqvarna FX 350

The versatility and intelligent features of the Husqvarna FX 350 make it a perfect upgrade for riders of all skill levels. The multitalented DOHC cylinder, 349.7cc engine revs up to 12,400 rpm, making the bike a top choice for off-road adventures and races. A chromium-molybdenum steel frame has been adapted meticulously with laser-cutting to ensure precision and stability.

As a result, the FX 350 is known for its unparalleled shock and energy absorption and rider feedback that boosts their confidence in the two-wheeler. The Husqvarna trademark subframe is rigid and light for optimal comfort. The chassis is combined with WP XACT front fork and rear shock, resulting in better traction control and progressive damping. In addition, the suspension settings can be adapted to meet individual requirements. 

The TWIN AIR filter reduces the need for frequent cleaning or maintenance while maximizing airflow. Similarly, the ergonomic components include self-cleaning footpegs and a BREMBO hydraulic clutch that compensates for hot or cold conditions or wear and tear. Even after hours of enduro challenges, the reliability of your two-wheeler is unwavering. 

Finished off with an electric start, a KEIHIN EMS system, and one-finger map switches, the Husqvarna FX 350 is the epitome of motocross caliber.  

Reviews from our riders

Josh Hansen Black White
Josh Hansen
Teamrider since 2018

"I've always enjoyed working with Backyard Design. These guys are amazing at coming up with creative and original ideas and we've created tons of incredible designs together. Definitely the #1 choice for style! "

Backyard Staff Rv
Ryan Villopoto
Rider since 2019

"Backyard graphics are made of seriously solid stuff. Most durable and solid graphics I ever rode and I can't even imagine riding anything else anymore! "

Backyard Staff Josh Grant
Josh Grant
Rider since 2020

"If you're searching for a set of fully customizable graphics look no further. The online configurator offers limitless possibilities and the widest selection of options to design your kits down to the smallest details. "

Backyard Staff Jake Weimer
Jake Weimer
Rider since 2020

"Best fitting graphics I've ever used! No need for any cutting or stretching the graphics and they stick perfectly. Make sure to properly activate the adhesive with a heat gun when installing. Same goes for removal or you might need a second set of strong arms to get them off. "

From Riders, for riders

Why we’re so good at what we do

Behind the curtains

We’ve constantly developed since Backyard was founded in 2011 – both as a company and a community. To offer you the fastest turnaround and highest quality graphics we frequently optimize our production process. Have you ever wondered how custom motorcycle decals are actually made? Take a peek!

Backyard Design International – Our Brand Ambassadors

In cooperation with riders from all around the world we’ve created a network to assist you internationally! We share a passion for bikes and designs and we’re very happy to reach like minded people worldwide!

The history of Backyard Design starts in California

Whether your heart beats for the feel of the open road or riding in the dirt we bid you welcome! Take a journey with us to discover the roots of Backyard Design!  Past pro rider Philipp Klakow has taken his passion for motocross beyond the track and founded Backyard Design to share his love for bike designs with the world.