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No vinyl is perfect but we’re getting pretty damn close.

What exactly makes a great material for bike graphics? Through our experience in the motocross sport we’ve set clear standards in matters of adhesion, application and of course visuals.

Together with one of the largest vinyl manufacturers in the US, Flexlab Vinyl Tech, we’ve developed our own vinyl tailor made to meet the high demands of the sport.

We constantly develop, test and improve our product. After years of testing and hard work we’ve created our own vinyl composition that differentiates our graphics from the rest. We can proudly say that we’ve set the bar in matters of quality on the graphics market.

Our graphics are made to meet your demands all the way. Thanks to the integrated honeycomb air duct technology our vinyl allows for easy application and removal of trapped air bubbles underneath. The special overlaminate offers excellent protection against the elements.

Due to our vinyl being extra thick the material is rather hard and needs to be treated with a heat gun when applying to soften up and allow for proper fitment to the plastics. We’ve created a video guide on how to install your bike graphics and you can find it right here.

What makes our vinyl so tough is its thickness of 0,59 mm. That being far above average, longevity and durability are guaranteed even under the toughest conditions!


As we want to improve our product constantly we work closely together with our partner Flexlab in the US. Our own track testing and your feedback helps us to optimize and iron out our product.


We would be glad to hear what you think! Let us know if the graphics are to your liking. We’re only able to improve with your help!


Our product speaks more than a thousand words and so we invite you to test it out for yourself! 

Highest Quality Print

We use state-of-the-art printing technology and have created a wide range of colors that perfectly match your brand of plastics

Air Duct Technology

Pesky air bubbles are a thing of the past! Thanks to our vinyl’s air duct technology, air bubbles are easily removed using the squeegee included in your order.

Best vinyl on the market

Our durable 0,59 mm thick vinyl with the additional protective overlaminate makes for the toughest decals out there! Riders from all over the world swear by our graphic’s longevity!

Choose your finish

Maximum creative freedom is what makes us the #1 choice for style. You get to customize your design down to the last detail. Matte, glossy or glitter finish - the choice is yours!


Made from experience. proven on the track.

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Unique composition

Through our cooperation with Flexlab Vinyl we’ve composed a material tailor made to meet the demands of riders.

0,59 mm thickness

The above average thickness offers longevity even under the toughest conditions and on the roughest tracks.

Easy to apply

The unique air duct technology offers easy installation and a perfect stick. Thanks to the special honeycomb air duct structure, air bubble removal becomes a breeze!

Special overlaminate

Robust, weatherproof and ready to ride! Our overlaminate protects and extends your graphics lifetime!



We’ll make your bike look good as new!

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Powerful neon colors

Do you want something to differentiate yourself from the rest? We offer powerful neon colors to make sure all eyes are on you.

True to the original colors

Our colors are optimized and configured to match the colors of your brand’s original plastics.



Come winter or summer, your graphics are made to last. With our vinyl you no longer need to worry about weather conditions.

Glitter, extra protection vinyl and more

This is where functionality meets style. Our special finishes complete your look and ensure your kit is anything but boring!